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General instructions · Papers submitted to a GJMS Publication must not have been published or simultaneously submitted elsewhere. · Papers submitted to a GJMS Publication should not, for the most part, contain previously reported material. The overlap of contents between related papers should be kept to a minimum and normally should be confined to introductory/review sections. · Authors should provide information and preprints on closely related papers that are in press elsewhere. If deemed necessary to the review process, these related papers will be sent to reviewers. · All authors of multi authored papers will be assumed to have been involved in the work, approved the paper, and agreed to its submission. One author will act as the corresponding author. · Papers are peer reviewed for technical merit, quality of scientific content, utility of the results for practicing geologists, and adherence to the Memoir’s overall scientific theme. Manuscript organization · Title · Author(s) and full address (es) including e-mail · Abstract · Text · Acknowledgments, if any · Appendix(es), if any · References Cited · Figure captions · Figures (as individual files not included in text, and at no less than 300dpi resolution; preferably as .eps or .tif) · Tables (as individual files not included in text, preferably as .doc or .xls) Manuscript rules · Use metric units of measure with the English unit equivalent in parentheses or, conversely, English units with metric equivalents in parentheses. Laboratory measurements do not require conversions. · Do not use abbreviations except for units of measure. · Limit the use of acronyms. Please define all acronyms and nonstandard abbreviations used within figures and tables in each figure caption and table footnote. · Figures must be cited in numerical order. · Cite all references and include complete information for each citation in “References Cited” section. · Follow the North American Stratigraphic Code and use Geochronological and Chronostratigraphic Nomenclature. Figure requirements · All figures must include scales. · Axes must be labeled on graphs. · Scale bars must be included on photomicrographs. · All maps must adhere to United Nations published country names and boundary lines (see · Each map must contain a scale bar, north arrow, and sufficient number (at least two) of coordinate (latitude, longitude) points to position, orient, and scale it. · Each cross section and seismic line, as proprietary considerations allow, should be located on a map that includes the map information outlined in the previous requirement.