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The present book is an attempt to evaluate human resource development adopting Quality of Life Appro..
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आधुनिक मीडिया एवं समकालीन समाज New
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This basis for this research originally stemmed from Faculty Retention. Faculties are switching fr..
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औद्योगीकरण का जल संसाधन पर प्रभावः जमशेदपुर नगरीय क्षेत्र New
te”ksniqj uxjh; {ks= dh HkkSxksfyd ljapuktula[¸kk laxBu vkS|ksxhdj.k dh çfظkk ,oa vf/koklh; foLrkj..
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Wide coverage on the topic of co-operative banking.Designed to meet the needs of co-operators, ..
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This book contains various formulations for studying equations of state, thermal expansivity, press..
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izeq[k iqLrd ds vk/kkj xzaFk Lo:i esa xq: xksfoUn flag th dk *n”kexzaFk* rFkk *Jh xq:xzaFk lkfgc* g..
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Text book entitled “Digital Systems and Applications” introduced by UGC (University Grant Commiss..
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Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences & Technology of Jammu came into existen..
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This book contains a compendium of research papers on constitutional governance and protection of m..
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